Ethernaut Challenge Level 0

Ethernaut Challenge Level 0

Hello Ethernaut

Hello everyone, this article is the first one in the series of my Ethernaut Journey. I hope to be regular and reach the end. LFG!!!

NOTE: You don't need to read through the entire article if you are looking for some solution to your problem. Head down to the challenges section and see if I encountered the same challenge as you.


The first stage is a very very simple one as it's just an introductory challenge to get to understand how the website works and what can a user do. As the text suggests, I tried out some function calls/ object calls like player, getBalance(player), etc. I even tried out the help function and it gave me some good properties I can play around with.

Let's Start

As directed I tried out the await function to begin the challenge, which then asked me to use the info1() function. By simply following the instructions on the screen I reached a state where the prompt now talks about authenticating with a password.

This surely was a bit weird and I wasn't sure what to do, however, with some trial and error I came to know there is a property named password, and by just using the await contract.password() function, I was able to get the password and authenticate using the await contract.authenticate() function.

NOTE: I got to know about the function getCleared() after I submitted the challenge post successful authenticate transaction response.

Once the authentication transaction went through, I went ahead and submitted the instance and all was good!!.


  1. The step where I had to get the password using the property was a bit unclear to me.
    Solution: Use await contract.password() function to get the password.

  2. After using the authenticate() function, I wasn't sure if it was successful or not. I went ahead and submitted the instance to know for sure.
    Solution: Use await contract.getCleared() function to know if you can submit the instance.


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